Everything you need
to control your business

Manage stock, process orders
and get in-depth analytics


Track all warehouse
operations online

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  • Manage your stock online.
  • MyStore supports all basic warehouse operations: receivings, shipments, stocktakes, bin locations.
  • Handle as many as hundreds of thousands of product items in your MyStore account.
  • At any moment, check inventory on hand and stock history in all your stores.
  • MyStore supports multiple warehouses, serial numbers and batches, product variants, packaging and bundles, UPC barcodes and scanners.
  • Print price tags using visual editor to create your own tag designs.
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Order processing

Manage your orders easy and quickly

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MyStore helps you manage orders, do consignment sale, monitoring all-over sales statistics and invoicing.

Process customer orders and know exactly what commitment you can make to each particular customer. Moreover, MyStore supports multiple currencies.

Shopify integration

Improve your eCommerce sales

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You can connect all your Shopify Stores to MyStore and manage all your inventory as well as make decisions from a single platform.

Integration features cover all Shopify
seller needs:

  • Initial products import from
    Shopify to MyStore
  • Sync orders, products and customer contacts between stores and app
  • Stock updates in real-time
  • Control inventory across multiple
    Shopify Stores
  • The big picture of all your Shopify
    sales and profits
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CRM, reports and insights

Follow up on leads and make right decisions

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MyStore is the tool to monitor all customers data on a single page: sales history, invoices, contracts and payments. We provide reports and insights for decision-making: sales funnel for customers and orders, profits and losses report, sales statistics and cash flow statements.

With MyStore you will not miss a thing! We supply offer task management tools like tasks and reminders.

Available online and on iPhone

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Manage your store online, set tasks, check all key metrics of your business from the mobile app.
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Manufacturing process management

Follow best practices for your manufacturing

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Manage your manufacturing with MyStore: create bills of materials and production, account raw materials cost, component parts and finished products in stock, calculate products cost price. You can even manage future demands for raw materials and primary products.

permissions and access control

Manage your distributed business - it’s simple!

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  • Manage multiple legal entities, stores and warehouses in a single MyStore account.
  • Grow your business safely: grant fine-tuned permissions to your employees, for instance, hide cost of goods sold from your salesmen.
  • Set up permissions with customizable user roles.
  • Every action performed by users is under your control.
  • My Store provides audit log to review all user actions.
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Set up MyStore to follow your business needs

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Customize MyStore for your business without coding. Add custom fields and item lists, custom document templates and reports. Tune your sales funnel by creating custom statuses for orders and customers. Create your own workflows to automate routine operations.

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